Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taco es muy delicioso

Tonight I went to a little restaurant not far from where I'm living. Unlike most restaurants in the area, this one is open late. Also it does not have any pictures of the food or anything written in English.

So, I'm seated at a small counter with my knees touching the bottom of the counter. Directly in front of me is the kitchen area so I can watch the cook. There's some octopus tentacle behind the glass right in front of me. I decide this is a good place to try it, so I point and request 'taco'.

Fortunately, the waitress speaks English. I ask her how the octopus is prepared and she tells me it's sashimi. This is somewhat disconcerting, but I figure I should go ahead with it. I also order some udon noodle something or other.

This is what about what they bring out to me:

Surprisingly, raw octopus tastes pretty good. The udon stuff is good too (except the ginger on it; I really don't like ginger).

The Japanese people at the counter seem amused by my ordering tako. They all ask if it's good. They also point out an error in my chopstick holding technique. One lady insists that I have some of her sashimi fish. It's also not bad. I think I'm developing a taste for raw flesh.

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  1. Hey Brandon. It's good that you try the local fare. It will always surprise you. Thanks for sharing your adventures on your blog. We may not always comment but we are always reading. BTW, your mom is my cousin. Susan Iverson