Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 4

Today I awoke to find my mild/persitant headache feeling somewhat worse than normal. I had assumed that it was just a jet-lag effect, but it's gone on long enough that I've decided it must have another cause. It seems to me that the headache intensity is somewhat correlated to my heartrate, as I don't notice it while sitting around on my computer all day. I also might have some sinus issue. I decide the most reasonalbe course of action is to self-diagnose myself using the internet.

The internet tells me that caffeine withdrawal can also cause headaches. I've been avoiding caffeine to break my coffee addiction since I've been here (though the tea in the office probably has caffeine). Also, the internet says it could be an aneurysm or tumor. Either way, it seems like a fun opportunity to see if I can figure out which drugs to buy in a Japanese pharmacy.

On the way to the pharmacy, I decide to buy a small can of coffe from one of the vending machines, lest coffee deprivation be the problem. I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the can is hot. I'm a big fan of the vending machines all over w/ everything. However, I'm a little disappointed that this one did not have Tommy Lee Jones advertising some drink on it.

I was going to get some Ibuprofen, but don't see any advil and am unable to communicate this. The pharmacist speaks English pretty well and recommends Semedin, saying it's better than Tylenol w/ fewer side effects. I didn't know Tylenol had a lot of side effects, but whatever, I'll try the random pain releiver. I also get a box that has a persons airway highlighted on the cover when I mention a sinus issue. I'm a little disappointed that I was not recommended a surgical mask.

On the way home, I also pick up a cheeseburger at a little take-out place. They put Mayo on it (I'll have to learn to request without), but otherwise it's pretty much like any fastfood burger in America.

The Semedin is not a pill, it's a packet of granules. I figure it goes in water. It does not seem to dissolve very well, and begins to settle at the bottom. After refilling the cup a few times, I'm able to drink down most the Semedin. I also eat a banana b/c I remember seeing something on the internet recommend electrolytes. I haven't eaten a banana in many years. It's an anti-climactic experience.

Well, the headache has receded to background noise level and I think I will go into work for a while.

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