Thursday, February 5, 2009

Japanese TV

Alright, so I've been considering making a blog about my time in Japan. What finally motivated me? The Japanese TV crew that just tried to interview me.

I wasn't feeling great this morning, so I slept in and was didn't get to work until afternoon. Doesn't really matter, but as a result I am still here at 7.30pm. Anyway, when I left to go get food, I passed some people carrying cameras on the floor of my office. I came back from another fun supermarket adventure and they were set up to film something in our lab. I asked the director what was going on and he said they were shooting for a TV show.

I was amused by the fact that the whole film crew takes their shoes off and wears slippers while in our lab. I'm guessing they just carrying slippers w/ them everywhere? I find the slippers idea highly entertaining.

Anyway, I'm sitting at my computer and notice they've begun filming. They appear to be panning the lab when I look up. Then the 'On screen' lady comes over to me and starts asking something or other. So now I've got lights, 2 cameras, a boom mic and and interviewer hovering over me. I have no idea what she's saying. I'm bemused by the whole thing and say 'wakarimasen' (I don't understand). She apparently tries to rephrase the question. I stare at them. I tell them, in english, 'I don't speak Japanese'. She apologizes (I think) and then they wander back a few more rows of desks and she interviews the Lab director.

He then takes them on a tour and they film the lab's projects. I am left to wonder why they decided to try talking to me, but didn't talk to the Chinese guy who sits a row in front of me or any of the other students who would be able to answer.


  1. Hey! What are you doing in Japan?

  2. I am sure that they wanted to get the cutest guy in the office on TV. You should have just smiled and nodded.