Saturday, January 30, 2010

So much for that idea...

Yeah, ignore that thing I said about regular updates. However, it's not quite as bitter cold as it's been and I'm getting the itch to wander around a bit more (I'm not certain that I've been anywhere in Seoul outside of Gangnam in 2010). Anyway, until I get some more interesting events, here's a sweet store sign near my building.

Needless to say, I don't think this slogan would fly in the US. Although, I think there are Smoothie King's stateside. Anyone know the slogan there?

But my favorite part are the flavors: Strawberry, Banana, Orange and Electrolyte. Yum, Electrolyte. It sounds so delicious, I think I'll go buy one right now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Alive

Behold! After more than a month hiatus, my triumphant blogging return. It's really easy to let this thing slip. Work picked up in December, I flew back to the states for the holidays, and I've just been really worthless since I've been back. But that changes today.

I've always felt like New Year's resolutions are a terrible idea. Not the idea so much as the timing. I mean, hungover and in Nevada is no way to begin any effort towards self-improvement. So we're going to go w/ the January 18th resolution and make an effort to write more. Consider it a gift from me to you. Or just a way for me to justify talking to myself.

I need to get to sleep, but on tomoro's docket is paying bills and taxes. Given that I started the process of paying bills (read: asking the horrible GHD people how to do so) more than a week ago and have still not been able to accomplish this seemingly simple task ("You just use online banking" Oh, really? Well, you can't do that at work b/c the insane company security policy hates me and won't allow insane IE plugins and certificates and crap that the insane internet banking crap requires. Just do it at home you say? Well, that was today's plan, but of course the awesome internet banking setup wouldn't make the transfer because it was after banking hours. Which you would think mildly defeats the purpose of online banking in the first place. So tomoro I go to the bank and just see if the teller will pay my bills for me.

I'm pretty sure the taxes will be a joy.