Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I must be making an awesome impression upon the local grocery store employees regarding the eating habits of Americans. It's less than a block away, so I stop in every couple days or so. And I don't really vary my purchases very much.

Today's groceries: Bacon, bread, popcorn and beer.

I go through a bag of popcorn every day or two. I also get a lot of pasta and fruit. That's pretty much it.


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  2. you always have been fairly plain on what you eat. sounds like it is awesome and you are experiencing Tokyo's finest culture. email me so i have your email. i cant see to find it.sbalk23 at gmail is mine.hope you are havin fun. i should come over and see this cat place you discovered. maybe i could open up some in nevada. sounds like a lucrative business opportunity, u want in bt?