Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 1 at the office

I woke up about 8AM today, having agreed to show up at work around 10. After breakfast (the grapefruit I bought last night was delicious), I headed to work guided by a map that Mr. Miyake had left in his printer. While the map is able to guide me to the general region of my work, it doesn't tell me which floor, or even which building, I am supposed to be in. I take a guess at which building I should be and try to ask people where the Design Interface Project is. This means nothing to them. I try the 5th and 2nd floors. They are not correct. I walk all the way back home and find out I was in the right building, but should've been on the 7th floor.

So I return, only 3o minutes late. I recognize the logo on the door, but it will not open for me. There is a barrier inside that prevents me from seeing inside. I pick up the phone sitting conspicuously by the door. Something Japanese is said, I reply with a confused "hello". Quickly I am greeted by Mr. Suzuki.

Mr. Suzuki shows me the shoe lockers near the door and offers me a pair of slippers, which of course, are too small. I sign a few forms, am shown my desk and left alone. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Aside from Mr. Suzuki and 2 other administrators, there are only two students in the office. I introduce myself, but am quickly left to ponder what I'm supposed to do. Rather than worry, I waste time on the internet.

Eventually, Mr. Suzuki invites me to lunch w/ the other administrators and another student. Upon returning, my diminutive slippers are noticed and I am given a new pair. These actually fit.

They also say "Beautiful Bird Land, Natural In Door Life" and have a picture of the duck. This pleases me.

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