Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ullruengdo, Day 3

I was supposed to be headed home right now. Instead I am still in Ullruengdo using the only functional computer in the resort's business center. Tomoro, I will wake up, have breakfast of cabbage salad, rice and possibly hot dogs. During this time I will learn whether or not the ocean gods have been satisfied and will let us depart.

Today, Posideon was angry and no ferry made the journey from Pohang to come and pick us up. This was not a big deal for me b/c I live in a hotel and really have nothing going on. Just another day to hang out with the crap ton of drying squid scattered around here. Any more delays, however, and I will be missing work. Given that I've only been working there 3 weeks and took off Thur & Fri to come here, missing more days is probably not the best idea. Then again, surely my boss will understand that I am trapped on an island in the East Sea.

Aside from the fact that it might not be possible to leave Ullruengodo, it might be the best place I've been in Korea. I'll explain and post pictures sometime later, but thought I'd begin documenting my plight should I forever remain here.


  1. I admire your adventurous spirit but hope that I never find myself stranded on an island littered with dead squid and facing a breakfast of cabbage and hot dogs.

  2. Thank you for letting me know why you're stuck on this island! I do hope you don't have to have a b'day dinner of cabbage & Hotdogs!