Friday, October 9, 2009

2:5o- I get in the elevator at the hotel and push the 12th floor button.

2:51- The elevator stops on the 3rd floor. I noticed while approaching the hotel that lights on the third floor, which is where the restaurant and bar are located, were off. A man gets on the elevator. He's wearing a jogging suit and holding a towel and a pair of slacks.

2:52- The man smiles embarrassedly and bows politely. He looks to select a floor, but it turns out we're both heading towards 12. I pretend that this is totally normal.

2:53- Elevator stops on the 12th floor. The man, graciously gestures for me to exit first. I reach my room at the end of the hall. The man is two rooms back. He calls to me, in a friendly tone, asking if I'd a lot to drink. I tell him, yes, I'd had much to drink. I go in my room.

This is where I currently live.

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