Friday, October 9, 2009

Group Meeting

So shortly after arriving, my research team got transferred to another group (group being just above team in an escalating hierarchy that I know very little about. Since I don't really know much about the company structure, this didn't really mean much to me beyond the fact that I have to go up a few more floors in the building to get to my cubicle.

Since our team is new to the group, though, we were expected to give introductions at the latest group meetings. As per usual, I received no advanced warning, instead just being told to come to the group meeting as everyone else heading to it.

Our team was a bit late, so I got separated from the other team members taking the few remaining chairs. Without anyone to translate for me

group head: blablablabla
somebody else: blabblablabalb
group head: blablblabl
team member1: (standing up) My name is...blablblablab
me: (crap, they're going to want me to talk)
team member2: (standing up) My name is...blablablbalbl
everyone: (laugh)
team member2: balbalbalblal.
me: (crap, it's more than just 'hi, my name is', they'll want me to talk more)
team member3: blbablabllababjl
team member3: Brandon, introduce yourself.
me: anyeonghaseo (smiling)
everyone: (laugh)
me: (glad they're amused by my attempt at Korean, b/c I've no idea what they expect me to say) English: My name is Brandon. I work here now. I don't know what you expect me to say because I don't understand your language. (sit down)
team member1: Brandon blablblablabl
me: (apparently I did not sufficiently describe myself)
team member4: I'm blbablablbl
group leader: blablblablblabl single?
team member 1: (gestures at some team members, me included)
me: (stare confused)
group leader: You're single?
me: Oh, yes (kind of amused that this is brought up in the course of a group meeting at work)


group leader: blablablabla Brandon blablablab
me: (I look around curiously)
someone: blabla Brandon balbla
me: (I look around some more)
someone: We hope you learn Korean
everyone: (laugh)
me: I hope so too (confused laugh)


otherpeople: blbalbalblabl
group leader: blablablalb Brandon blalblbalbal Some Name blablablab
everyone: (laugh)
girl in cubicle next to mine: (blush and look embarrassed)
me: (seriously? I don't think I even want to know)

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