Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye, Hotel

I'm checking out of the hotel and moving to a temporary apartment somewhere in Suwon. I don't really know where it is or anything about it. I've been informed that the bed I would have received upon moving to my permanent apartment will be provided. I have been informed that I will need to have things like dishes. I take this to mean that major appliances will be provided, though there is a fair bit of gray between a bed and dishes.

All in all, I'm glad to be leaving the hotel. I doubt I'll really unpack or settle in the temp apartment, but I'm kinda tired of the hotel (even with the Karoake room on the first floor). Maid service just makes me kind of uncomfortable. I really don't need a new towel everyday and I'll never understand the point of making the bed. And the randomness that seems to dictate whether they will leave me a washcloth is a bit odd. Mostly, though, I think I just like to be left alone when I'm going home. I don't want someone at the desk to greet me every time I walk in or out.

I understand that they're just being polite, but I always feel awkward and like I need to explain to them where I'm going or something. I would guess that for the most part, the hotel employees are kind of amused by the t-shirt wearing American who's been holed up in the hotel for going on a month. I even got a laugh out of one when I got on the elevator with a couple of guys in business suits after a quick trip to the convenience store for Pringles and an MGD (doing you proud, America).

Anyway, not sure what the internet situation will be like in the new place, so I might disappear for a little while. Figured I'd drop this note to dispel any fears that too much birthday soju was to blame for my absence (though, I will credit it for the worst hang over I've had since a bad decision involving some boxed wine many years ago).

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