Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coffee & Cream

Oddly enough, I've actually been working a lot lately. I guess as I approached the halfway point of my stay, I felt that I needed to at least have something to show for my time here. So for the last week or two I've been putting in long hours. Since my body refuses to wake up early, this has led to me leaving the office at ~3am or so.

One of the reasons I like Tokyo is that things are still open and people are around at 3am. Maybe New York is similar, but Boston's definitely not. There are multiple 24hr restaurants and a 24hr grocery store along my route home. So if you're wanting a Jersey Milk Cream Sand in the middle of the night, no problem (It's pretty much whip cream between a couple pancakes, I just liked the name).

Another thing that I'm going to miss is the coffee vending machine. I think I mentioned them before, but they're great. I'm completely addicted. It's about $1 for an 8ounce can. I don't understand why these don't exist in America (and the crappy ones at travel stops that drop a cup and fill it up don't count, the little cans are way better). Surely I'm not the only person that would rather purchase coffee from a machine than set foot in a coffee shop. And with the brilliant ad campaign of a bored-looking Tommy Lee Jones pasted next to a coffee can, who could resist?


  1. Tommy Lee Jones is totally boss.

  2. The coffee is hot ? I've never seen can's with hot stuff in them....

  3. Jersey Mild Cream Sandwich look a bit like Little Debbie Oatmeal cream sandwiches. So is the coffee canned in aluminum cans? They would get too hat wouldn't they? I really like Tommy Lee! Mom